Product configurator

Using our general product configurator, your customers can create their own bundles - it's easy to use and very flexible:

  • Create your own product groups
  • Add any number of selectable products to each group
  • Show all selections with radio buttons, or have a more compact view with dropdown lists
  • Allow multiple selections within a group
  • Both total and option prices are automatically updated as you select
  • Set default selections for base/recommended configurations
  • Specify if group selection is required
  • Add configuration products to front page specials with "from"-pricing
  • Automatically use current customer pricing for the products
  • Add configurations to specific sections or categories

Mobile phone & service plans

Customers buy phones and supported service plans as bundles. The solution automatically handles phone pricing, customer discounts and provider kickback, and shows the prices as minimum and total.

  • Create detailed subscription plans for private or business users
  • Set customer discount and subscription plan provider kickbacks
  • Match subscriptions with specific phones and specify bundle discounts
  • Promote phones with "from"-pricing in front page specials and product listings
  • Special purchase process with entry of customer info and selection of additional service options