Accounting & ERP system modules

Most of our clients need to have a connection between the webshop and their accounting system. We provide customizable modules for many accounting systems. For the simpler accounting systems, our solution will in many cases work right out of the box, while the more advanced integrations require you or your consultant to provide us with detailed information about how you want things done (maybe you have user defined fields in your local installation, or you simply want to place some of the data in different fields, for instance).

If you prefer to do the actual integration with the erp system yourself, we provide a web service and a generic XML download utility for retrieving order, customer and product details. Some of our clients also receive custom files via FTP.

Product file import

Today, most vendors are able to at least export a price file (although the quality varies), and many also support electronic order integration. If they can produce a structured product/price file, then we can probably import it. If you need more detailed information on what is required by a vendor, please read our Vendor guidelines.

We import product files either to our main catalog (and from there to your database), or directly into your database. Anything that is imported directly into your own database - what we call local import - is maintained by you. You can mix vendors from the main catalog and your own local imports (maybe from your accounting system or a vendor we for some reason don't add to our main catalog).

Marketplace integration

Corporate marketplace / procurement portals

Big corporations often use centralized solutions to streamline their sourcing, purchasing and invoicing. We provide support for round-trip/punchout scenarios based on many different standards. If necessary we also provide catalog files for external solutions, but our preferred approach is:

  1. Your customers log in to their purchasing portals and from there to your webshop (one-click login).
  2. Your customers shop the way they normally would, but instead of completing the webshop checkout process the products (and the customers) are transferred from the shopping cart back to the purchasing portal.
  3. The customer's organization approves the order in their portal, and the order is electronically transferred to your webshop.
  4. You process their orders like any other orders.

In some cases we allow for sending catalogs to external portals, but the advantage of the round-trip/punchout solution is that you can provide the customers with customized search features and a webshop tailored to your specific products and your customers' needs. This is essential if you have a large or specialized product selection. Most of the purchasing portals will look identical, whether you are shopping for flowers or computers. In some cases prices and stock also change too quickly for the purchasing portals to work well.

In addition to several custom portal solutions we currently support IBX, Basware, Proceedo, Evenex, and any OCI-based system. UNSPSC categorization is supported, and already set for products we import from external vendors.

Public marketplace / product search engines

A common form of online advertising is to send a product file to a search engine where people are looking for the products you sell. This can be anything from eBay or Amazon to Pricegrabber or Pricerunner. We already support most of the popular sites, and other formats can usually be prepared on short notice. It is important to optimize the product selection for pay-per-click marketplaces, and we offer many ways of customizing your files:

  • use products and prices for a specific customer, price matrix, virtual shop or campaign
  • base the product section on a specific category tree
  • include or exclude products from specific vendors, manufacturers or categories
  • only include products that are in stock or belong to a certain warehouse
  • filter out products without image or description or products that are outside a given price range

Payment solutions

Our webshops can handle most forms of payments - credit cards, consumer financing, business leasing, in-store payments or your own invoicing procedures. If we don't already have an integration to the payment provider you want to use, we can most likely make it. The functionality you get is generally the following:

  • Monthly payment display in product detail, shopping cart and checkout for financing solutions.
  • Authorize the payment during checkout. This may include automatically verifying the address or sending the customer to an external site for entering credit card information.
  • Charge/capture the payment in admin when the order is finalized and verified. For solutions involving invoicing, this step often includes sending all the invoice data.
  • ..or void/cancel the payment authorization if the order is cancelled.
  • Refund whole or partial amount if the customer returns products.

You decide which payment methods should be available for which customer groups (private, business, government), the default payment methods, and if a payment method is only available for a specific shipping method.

Some of our supported payment solutions:


Nets, DIBS, PayEx, Klarna, Gothia PayByBill, GE Money Bank, PayPal


Nets, DIBS, Dandomain, QuickPay, Wannafind, PayPal


Nets, DIBS, Payson, MyPay, Klarna, Handelsbanken, PayPal


Paytrail by Nets


PayPal (including Verisign PayFlow Pro)


We will integrate your site with carriers that support electronic communication.

  • Package scanning
  • Label printing
  • Electronic shipping record
  • Individual carriers (DHL, UPS, FedEx, Posten, GLS) or aggregators like Consignor (EDI-Soft)