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Our business is to connect the different parts of your business

We offer a complete package, including servers and hosting, customer webshops, administration backend, support options, promotional tools, chain & reseller solutions, configuration tools, accounting & erp software modules, e-commerce portal connectivity, a wealth of payment and order processing features, and distributor/logistics solutions with huge, customizable product catalogs.


We only provide hosted services. Our advanced logistics engine communicates with so many different systems that it would be extremely difficult to manage without a common control unit. Furthermore, a hosted approach has many advantages for you as a client.

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Our solution is all about integration. Whether you need to move orders to your accounting system, show shipment tracking results for a customer or get stock updates from a vendor - if electronic communication is possible, then it should be automated. Below you can read more about some of the most popular integrations we do:

  • ERP Systems
  • Vendors
  • Marketplace integration
  • Payment solutions
  • Shipping
  • Design
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The design should be functional, attractive, and the way you want it to be. One of the main advantages of our solution is that you are not restricted to a few ready-made templates.

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Let your customers put together their own product bundles, such as PC configurations, or match mobile phones and service plans. You can create special triggers for rebate coupons and configure product bundles. Our solution also supports variants (size, color, etc).

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Planning on opening a new store location, or another webshop with a different focus? We let you manage several shops from the same admin. You can share data - or not - and you can limit access for admins to specific shops. The shops can have different design, product data, currencies, vendors, default values and features.


Everything from coupons to auctions and mailing lists. The tools you need to successfully promote your webshop are part of our solution.


Sales reports, emails, customers and users, local stock, products, etc. We provide a range of standard reports, and more can be added on request.


We have an advanced helpdesk system that lets us track and share every request, response and followup. Submit a support request through our online form, or email support@webmercs.com.


  • We provide Wysiwyg html editor for image upload and product info editing.
  • If you sell IT or electronic products we have a huge catalog with info, images and search parameters
  • Your own content files? no problem. You can import your own info, images, category tree and search parameters.

Social media

  • Admin and customer login via social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Facebook webshop.


  • We don't store any credit card numbers. In fact, we don't even collect them, but use hosted solutions for all such services.
  • All passwords are hashed. Not encrypted, but hashed - and it's done the right way. Neither we, nor anybody else, can decrypt the passwords.
  • We use 2048 bits Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for all communication with business sensitive or personal data (for instance checkout).

More features

  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
  • Import/export
  • Pricing
  • Management
  • Returns
  • SEO
  • Virtual shops
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